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Optional Equipment

 Bullard Company is committed to offering our customers comprehensive access equipment solutions.  Our comprehensive service does not stop at access equipment.  Our team of expert designers and fabricators will work with you closely from project onset until project completion to ensure a safe work environment for your personnel.   Examples of additional equipment we can provide in addition to access equipment can be seen below.


Lanyard Lifeline System

Lanyard Lifeline Systems

Lanyard Lifeline Systems are one more way to protect your operators from fall hazards.  We offer multiple horizontal lifeline systems, in addition to single retractable lifelines, harnesses and ladder climb devices. 

Our staff is very knowledgeable on designing the correct system to meet the load requirements under OSHA guidelines.   Bullard Company will work with you to develop a detailed plan.  Our objective is for you to have confidence in knowing you selected the right fall protection company and equipment that protects your most valuable asset - your employees.




Truck Loading Canopy

Loading Platform Canopy

Bullard Company offers various railcar canopy and truck canopy designs that can be included with new loading platforms or adapted to existing loading racks.  Given the application, our canopies can be designed in modular sections and ready for installation.

Loading Canopies offer protection from the weather to a safe environment for personnel who must work in all weather conditions.  Fabricated by our certified welders, our canopies are durable, cost effective, and come in a variety of finishes and coatings.  



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