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Mobile Access Platforms

Bullard Company introduces the most innovative design for Mobile Access Platforms in years. Why settle for the second best? This versatile platform provides unprecedented mobility for any application. The “MAP” makes access at remote sites or congested racks cost efficient and safe. Until now, portable platforms were farm style wheel bases with a platform mounted on top that requires a truck to tow it into position. The “MAP” series platforms can be electric or as shown above, powered with a dual– fuel or diesel motor.

The designs offer several features as follows:

  • Operation is via a moveable joy stick console.
  • Drive base as small as 30” wide to 7’10” wide , twin-pump-powered 4WD for greater performance.
  • Powered by electric, dual fuel or diesel motors.
  • The “MAP” 7-12 has super wide 33” x 15.5 tires for traction and adverse site conditions.
  • Select models have a 3500 or 7000 watt auxiliary generator.
  • One touch leveling jacks for quick setup on the MAP 7-12.
  • Two speeds for precise positioning of the gangway, .5 mph for movement to the next operation or when a faster speed is needed, 3.5 mph.
  • Lower storage deck between the motor and ground control/hydraulic side compartments.
  • Ascending or descending the upper level is with an alternating tread stair.
  • Upper platforms are 7’ wide x 10’ long on the MAP 7-12, 2’6” wide x 6’ long on the MAP 2.5-6E.
  • Access to the truck or railcar is with one of our B400 or B500 series gangways and safety hoops which can be hydraulically positioned with the joy stick console controls or manually positioned.

Bullard Company can design a system around your specific needs.

 Looking for a Non-Powered Truck or Railcar Access option? 

Portable Truck Access Platform

Portable Truck & Railcar Access Platform

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