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Equipment Access Platforms

Bullard Company designs, builds and installs custom Equipment Access Platforms to provide safe operator access to valves, controls, equipment, etc. Materials of construction include carbon steel and aluminum. Fiberglass grating can also be incorporated into the design when needed.

Here are several key features designed into each of our access platforms:

  • Designed to comply with the governing OSHA standards. Serrated bar grating is used on decks and grip strut grading on stair treads for non-slip surfaces. Handrails with mid rails and toe plates add to the fall protection qualities.
  • All assemblies are manufactured and assembled by our certified welders. Each welder is certified to the American Welders Society, AWS D1.1 code.
  • Optional finish coats include: standard red oxide primer, powder coat finish, or hot dip galvanizing.
  • Platforms can be assembled by your plant maintenance personnel with the aid of assembly drawings.
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