Portable Platforms

Pictured is our PTA series portable access platform designed for loading, unloading, inspection, and sampling applications. The unique feature of these units is to offer the mobility that you can enjoy over stationary platforms. The design offers several features as listed below.

  • The exceptionally tight turning radius allows for positioning in limited space.
  • Positioning is done with the handle attached to the front caster. The unit can be rolled into position with minimal effort.
  • Height changes are achieved with the telescoping stair section and have a working range of between 9’6” to 13’6”.
  • For added stability, once the unit is rolled into position, leveling jacks (attached to the front and rear) are extended and lowered to provide a firm and stable base while in use.
  • Units are manufactured with a carbon steel base for stability and strength. Base is then galvanized for durability and units are virtually maintenance free.

Units are also available in side-load versions and with double access. Our ability to design-to-spec allows us to arrange or modify various standard units to meet your specific needs.


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