Portable Access Ladder

Portable Access Ladder, series PL is a cantilevered, adjustable platform designed to roll up tight to a truck or railcar, while also having the ability to "reach over" the man-way area. These units are used for loading, unloading, inspection and sampling applications. Our design offers several features listed below.

  • This unit can be used in very tight spaces and has a wheel base of only 2'9" x 6'11".
  • The stationary base unit is designed with eight grip strut treads, positioned on 70 degree angles. At the top of the base unit is a 16-1/2" x 24" work platform.
  • The upper platform is a spacious 48" x 24".
  • Access to the upper platform is through the use of a 4-rung vertical ladder that telescopes within the base unit.
  • Tires are 8" semi-pneumatic swivel casters on the front and rigid on the rear. Other wheels are available.
  • For added stability, once the unit is rolled into position, leveling jacks are extended and lowered to provide a firm and stable base while in use.
  • Finally, vertical adjustment is with a manual break winch. As an option, a hydraulic cylinder with a manual rotary pump can be supplied with the unit.

Custom units are also available. Our ability to design-to-spec allows us to arrange or modify various standard units to meet your specific needs.

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