Fixed Ladders & Cages

Fixed Ladders and Ladder Cages are an excellent solution to the safety issues presented while climbing on loading platforms, storage tanks, loading docks and various other applications where a standard access stairway is not an option.

Our standard fixed ladders and ladder cages are manufactured from carbon steel. Ladders higher then 20' come with safety cages per OSHA regulations. We can design any style of ladders to fit your needs.

Below are several features designed into our Fixed Ladders and Ladder Cages:

  • Structural side members and ladder rungs are designed for the maximum load bearing capabilities under the OSHA standards.
  • Stand-off brackets ensure that operators have adequate room for a good foot hold.
  • 1" diameter rungs for ease of ascending or descending our ladder systems.
  • A variety of finishes are available from the standard red oxide primer to hot dip galvanized.
  • Safety cages are designed to OSHA specifications with flared bottom opening for ease of entry.
  • Stand-off platforms are available for ladders that exceed 30' for compliance to OSHA. Directional cages are available for ladder systems that exceed 30' in height and require a stand-off platform.
  • Optional security ladder guards as well as ladder gates to prevent unauthorized use of caged ladder systems.


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