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Building Terminal Pipe Systems using Bullard Company’s Modular Pipe

Building Terminal Pipe Systems using Bullard Company’s Modular Pipe

July 18, 2013

Bullard Company's modular pipe system technology offers significant advantages when building new terminals or upgrading existing terminals. With our turnkey experience as designers, fabricators and installers; we can show you when and how our technological advancements can be applied. Here's a quick review:

What is a modular pipe system?

A modular pipe system consists of modules of bundled pipelines packaged in structural steel and placed end-to-end. The modules can be self-supporting or take the form of racks, loading racks, trusses or bridges. We build our modules in our shop and transport them by truck, rail or barge. Installation is simple: pick, place and connect.

When compared to conventional pipe system design, at what point do modular pipe system designs reduce cost?

Bullard Company has been an industrial mechanical and civil contractor since 1981. We know first hand the challenges and the costs to build and install pipe systems - both conventional and modular designs. Bullard Company has found that modular pipe designs should be considered when 3 or more pipe systems are involved. The more pipe systems involved, the greater the savings. The larger the system is - the greater the savings. The more pipelines that can be bundled together - the greater the savings. The more load/unload racks that can be used as modules - the greater the savings. We calculate cost savings as high as 25% over conventional pipe layouts which rely on standard piece-by-piece installation or "stick construction.”

Other Advantages of Using Bullard Company Modular Pipe Systems

Other advantages to using our modular designs are the result of transferring the main labor force from the field to the shop. These advantages are as follows:


  • Modular pipe installation requires much smaller crews and far less time on site. 
  • Most or all field welding can be eliminated. These 2 factors reduce the risk of accidents.


  • Ergonomics, QP controls and lack of weather all contribute to better welding and insulating performance in a shop environment. 
  • Modular pipe systems are sturdier with more steel involved.
  • Bullard Company only uses ASME or AWS certified welders. 


  • Labor shortages, delays due to production and weather all result in on site construction delays.
  • There are fewer variables and more resources in a dedicated manufacturing environment.

Business Considerations

Bullard Company will work for the owner or through an EPC or EPCM. We will build and install to other’s designs. However, if modular systems are to be considered, we need to be included in the design phase.

As an engineer (and in addition to our above expertise), Bullard Company offers complete load system design including load rack, gangways, power, automation, hoses, pumps, grounding and concrete. We will design/build and install conventional piping systems. We will oversee terminal design and engineering - performing portions in-house. We can provide construction management and procurement services. Bullard Company is flexible.

Getting Started

One of Bullard Company's greatest strengths is our ability to find better ways to erect pipe and steel systems. Our modular pipe designs are examples of the types of solutions we can develop - solutions that minimize risk and reduce cost. If you are interested in exploring modular pipe systems, please contact us. If you are interested in exploring the best possible pipe layout for your project, please contact us. We would be pleased to put our problem-solving capabilities to work for you.

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