Industrial Contractors

Bullard Company has been providing industrial contracting services since 1981 and is very capable of handling your next project. Here are some of the services we offer:

Process and Industrial Equipment Installation

Duct work installation
Duct Work Installation

• Assembly Lines
• Automated Conveying Systems
• Automated Storage Systems
• Blowers, Fans and Pumps
• Bulk Handling Systems
• Chillers
• Conveyor Installations
• Cooling Towers
• Cranes
• Demolition
• Ethanol Blending Systems/Facilities
• Glass Equipment/Systems
• Grain/Sugar Handling Equipment
• Heat Pumps
• Incinerators
• Machinery Relocations and Installations
• Measuring and Test Equipment
• Mixers
• Ovens and Furnaces
• Packaging Systems
• Plant Relocations
• Platforms
• Plating Equipment
• Polyurethane Systems
• Presses
• Robotics
• Rolling Mills
• Scales
• SPCC and PIPP Engineering/Management
• Waste Water Systems

Modular Pipe Racks and Pipe Bridges Modular Pipe Racks and Pipe Bridges

Large pipe racks support up to 27 pipelines which range in size from 2" to 36" and are built from either carbon or stainless steel.

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